In many parts of the world, you never think of water. In other parts, you think of water day and night. My mission is to end water scarcity, not only in India, but globally.

- BP Agrawal, President

What is Aakash Ganga?

The Problem

The Solution

where we are

Aakash Ganga is currently implemented in seven villages in Rajasthan, home to 10,000 people. The villages are Raila, Harinagar, Indrasar, Lasedi, Kakreu Kalan, Sanwold and Pilani campus. Aakash Ganga is ready for large scale replication in thousands of villages serving millions of people.

The Results

Without the need to travel for miles to fetch water, girls are able to focus on their education.

Easy access to clean drinking water that is bacteria-free improves the health of the villagers and their families.


Aakash Ganga is designed to be a holistically sustainable Public-Community-Private Partnership (PPCP), one that is sustainable economically, culturally, operationally, institutionally, socially, technologically, and ecologically. The success of the design depends on numerous innovations, some of which are described below:


Aakash Ganga’s “social audit” approach affords the villagers the same access privileges to project records as enjoyed by the corporate auditors. Such transparency wins the trust of the people. The example of the project becomes a potent tool that can empower the villagers to challenge and eliminate corruption around them.


in providing safe drinking water to millions.

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