"Disease Free"

What is Arogya?

The problem

The lack of adequate health care

is detrimental to villagers in rural communities. Many villagers believe that common, treatable ailments are simply signs of growing older and thus do nothing to treat or prevent them.

Even when health care option are available, the barrier to access them for most is too great to be able to get the care they need.

The solution

where we are

Arogya is an AI-driven platform to provide primary healthcare for common ailments and preventable diseases to vulnerable communities in India. It was piloted on an experimental basis in a few villages in Rajasthan and the lessons were incorporated into its design. It is now being readied for a Proof-of-Concept roll-out with two distinct objectives: First, ready the model for delivering healthcare to bottom-of-the-pyramid communities in peri-urbans surrounding the metropolitan cities. Second, productize it to offer enhanced services to upscale communities. As an enterprise Arogya is holistically sustainable on various counts: economic viability, affordability, cultural acceptance, technological robustness and reliability of delivery. 

How it works


The first step is to computerize treatment protocols for common ailments and preventable diseases (CAPDs) including diarrhea, anemia, RTI, worm infestation, boils, asthma, vision impairment, and immunization.  These services are known as Triage@Home services, collectively.  The Triage@Home services are loaded on a mobile platform or iTriage platform, a tablet or laptop, which is equipped with diagnostic devices such as camera, oximeter, blood pressure meter, and peak flow meter.

This video will walk you through the triage process!

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