What is Triage on the Move (ToM)?

The Problem

Lack of resources, unaffordable medical expenses, and distance to healthcare providers deter the poor from seeking help for common ailments and preventable diseases. Medical professionals find treating patients in villages economically unrewarding. At many places, there are no standardized medical protocols for treating common ailments. Add to this the problem of an acute shortage of trained health professionals.  

The Solution



The coronavirus pandemic has brutally exposed existing inequalities among rural and urban India. The rural healthcare system is not adequate or prepared to contain COVID-19 transmission, because of the shortage of doctors, hospital beds, and equipment. The pandemic creates a special challenge due to the paucity of testing services, weak surveillance system and above all poor medical care. ToM has the potential to greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19 in rural villages, slums and migrant communities. It can educate people, track its spread and issue health alerts to authorities.

where we are

Triage on the Move was piloted on an experimental basis in a few villages in Rajasthan and the lessons from this experience have been incorporated into its design. It is now being readied for a Proof-of-Concept roll-out.

How it Works


The first step is to computerize treatment protocols for common ailments and preventable diseases like diarrhea, anemia, worm infestation, boils, asthma, vision impairment, and immunization among others. Region-specific ailments for protocols can be added, if required. This process is done in partnership with identified physicians. The protocols are loaded on a laptop equipped with simple diagnostic devices like oximeter, blood pressure monitor and thermometer for capturing and storing data.

This video will walk you through the triage process!



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