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About Aakash Ganga

Cultural Integration

Villages are steeped in cultural traditions and social norms. Often, the traditions are viewed as anchors that tie a society to its past, sap its agility, and impede progress. AG realized the economic value of the traditions through innovations: Villages lack sanitation system. Open defecation is common. Contamination of water bodies is a reality. Rather than turning to technology, AG used the local tradition of “Jalawa Puja ” to guard water bodies from contamination. Now, the mothers champion protection of the reservoirs.

Communities have strong familial bonds. AG monetizes familial bonds by engraving his mason’s family name on the reservoirs. The recognition lets the grandson exult: “My grandfather built it. I need to take care of the reservoir.” The masons are expected to discount their wages.

Communities respect age. The foundation laying ceremony is led by the eldest and the youngest citizens. This act sends a sublime message: Water bodies are a heritage — being passed from one generation to next. An emotional investment by the communities!

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