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About Aakash Ganga

Multiple-Source Public/Private Funding

To be able to have a significant impact in India, the project must be able to fund expansion through multiple sources. In addition to its own donation and grant fund-raising activities in the US, SI raises money for the project through a combination of for-profit social benefit and non-profit organizations in India. Having a for-profit organization in India enables social investors to make an equity investment in the project. The existence of an Indian non-profit organization makes Indian government funding more accessible. Village governments are also able to make in-kind contributions of land to the project that have to date averaged 10,000 M2 per village to the project.

The village government contributes 10,000 M2 land to be used for revenue generation and to increase catchment surface. Aakash Ganga maximizes revenue per unit of irrigation water and unit of land.

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