Aakash Ganga: Saving Water for a Rainy Day

The Ganga (or Ganges) is one of India's mightiest rivers, flowing from the Himalayas in Uttarakhand to the Sunderbans in West Bengal. It is nowhere near the arid northern state of Rajasthan. It is equally remote from Guiyang Municipality in the People's Republic of China. But Aakash Ganga – a rainwater harvesting project that literally means "river from the skies" -- is making a mark in both places. In Rajasthan, the project -- backed by the World Bank -- has already been implemented in six villages. A letter of intent has now been signed with the state government for its extension to 70 villages, to provide water security to 200,000 people. "Water is the most serious crisis of Indepen

Aakash Ganga: Saving Water From a Rainy Day in India & China

Sometimes, we come across an article that surprises us, educates us and makes us feel terrific about the world. One such article is about Aakash Ganga, an innovative water resources project that began in Rajasthan, India and has now reached China’s Guiyang Municipality. “The entire world has become aware of the shortage of fresh water in some countries and regions,” notes an expert quoted in this article. “These include India, with 16% of humanity but less than 3% of global fresh water resources. The poor water availability is exacerbated by its uneven spread over regions and time of the year.” The Ganga is the most sacred and the most important of India’s rivers. Legend has it that th

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