Agrawal brings safe drinking water — rain from rooftops — to thousands of villagers in his native In

Stopping on a dusty, unpaved village street in northwest India’s Rajasthan in 2007, Bhagwati (B.P.) Agrawal saw children excitedly running around calling, “Pani aagayaa.” They were alerting everyone that the water tanker had arrived with its twice-a-month delivery. Women appeared carrying clay pots to collect what they could of a life-sustaining resource continually in short supply. Watching the scene unfold, Agrawal, a Rajasthani native who had emigrated to the United States decades before, asked one woman how scarce water was. When he was growing up, it hadn’t been an issue. She responded, “Why ask me? Just count the number of bachelors.” Perplexed, he asked her what she meant. “She told m

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