Merck Approves Financial Aid to Arogya Ghar to Provide Healthcare

Washington, DC – Arogya, the Laptop-based Clinics for Masses project of Sustainable Innovations, recently received a shot in the arm as The Merck Company Foundation approved a financial injection of $341,250 for the organization to continue its work providing healthcare to people at extremely low cost. Welcoming the grant, Atul Jain, Chairman of Sustainable Innovations, said, “We are immensely grateful to Merck for the grant, which enables us to continue the work of delivering healthcare to rural villages and urban slums. The grant comes at a critical juncture and we are looking forward to additional funding from other sources.” BP Agrawal, a former health information industry executive, env

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Dr. BP Agrawal Founder, President, Sustainable Innovations Dr. BP Agrawal, founder and president of the nonprofit corporation Sustainable Innovations, seeds change, nourishes change, and harvests change. He founded Sustainable Innovations to harvest innovations in engineering, entrepreneurship, business, and social policies to build systemically sustainable social enterprises that can negotiate the difficult path from laboratory to market. He conceived Aakash Ganga, a self-sustainable domestic rainwater harvesting system, to provide safe drinking water in perpetuity. In 2006, Aakash Ganga won a Development Marketplace award for sustainability and innovation. Aakash Ganga is now poised to pr

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