Decker awarded $100,000 Purpose Prize for work with Skills4Living

The other 2012 winners, who each receive $100,000, are: Bhagwati (B.P.) Agrawal, 68, Sustainable Innovations Inc., Fairfax, Va. By using his engineering expertise, Agrawal is mitigating the water shortage in his native India. Through his nonprofit, Sustainable Innovations, he founded Aakash Ganga, or River from Sky, in 2003 to create a system for collecting rain - one of precious few sources of drinking water. Now, gutters, pipes and underground tanks gather the short-lived rains of monsoon season in six villages, home to 10,000 people.

Changing Lives: How Five Americans Won $100,000 Purpose Prize

Most people do good deeds without expecting to be repaid. The reward is the act in itself. This week,, a nonprofit that promotes second acts for the greater good, selected five Americans 60 and older to each win a $100,000 Purpose Prize for changing lives in new and creative ways. Wow. has made it a mission to encourage those whose work gives them a sense of meaning and a feeling of accomplishment. This financial bonanza is the holy grail. Passion is palpable among this crowd year-round, but it ratchets up when the San Francisco-based outfit salutes a hand-picked few to hold up as examples for others to aspire to follow. “Purpose Prize winners underscore that significa

Meet The Inspiring 2012 Purpose Prize Winners Selected By

You can have your Oscars, your Kennedy Honors, even your Hasty Puddings. For my money, the most important award of the year is the one that was just announced today: The Purpose Prize, given to people 60 and older who are truly making a difference in the world., the nonprofit whose mission is to “promote second acts for the greater good,” gives the annual award and $100,000 to five winners; the seven-year-old program is funded by the John Templeton Foundation and The Atlantic A former drug addict who spent years in and out of jail, Burton is an advocate for women who are also former inmates. She is founder and executive director of A New Way of Life Reentry Project in Los Angeles,

Meet The Inspiring 2012 Purpose Prize Winners Selected By

Agrawal brings safe drinking water — rain from rooftops — to thousands of villagers in his native India, using his engineering expertise. Stopping on a dusty, unpaved village street in northwest India’s Rajasthan in 2007, Bhagwati (B.P.) Agrawal saw children excitedly running around calling, “Pani aagayaa.” They were alerting everyone that the water tanker had arrived with its twice-a-month delivery. Women appeared carrying clay pots to collect what they could of a life-sustaining resource continually in short supply. Watching the scene unfold, Agrawal, a Rajasthani native who had emigrated to the United States decades before, asked one woman how scarce water was. When he was growing up, it

Entrepreneur B.P. Agrawal Awarded $100,000 Purpose Prize

Engineer Bhagwati “B.P.” Agrawal, who long wanted to mitigate the water shortage in his native India by using the expertise he developed in the United States, was recently awarded the $100,000 Purpose Prizefor creating a system for collecting one of the region’s precious few sources of safe drinking water – rain. Through the Fairfax-based nonprofit, Sustainable Innovations Inc., he founded in 2003, Aakash Ganga, or River from Sky, has created a network of roofs, gutters, pipes and underground tanks in six villages that are home to 10,000 people. The system stores the short-lived rains that come during the monsoon season from July to September, potentially enough water for a year. Now in its

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