GISCorps cuts costs of Aakash Ganga

Aakash Ganga, our rainwater harvesting program, brings clean drinking water to the doorsteps of rural communities. One of the costly line items of Aakash Ganga is the physical survey of the villages. The physical survey is essential for designing the rainwater collection reservoirs and laying pipes to connect the reservoirs with the rooftops, but it is expensive, time-consuming, and laborious. Volunteers at GISCorps have developed a methodology that utilizes geographic information system (GIS) technology to conduct virtual surveys. While rooftops are digitized using Open Street Map, web maps available on mobile devices are developed using Esri. Their methodology significantly cuts down the c

Waterless Wells Mourn Dying Aquifers in India

An abandoned ground well in Chhapoli, Rajasthan, India In western India, groundwater levels are falling at a rapid and irreversible pace, leaving many communities without access to drinking water. Due to a lack of surface water such as lakes and rivers, most of western India relies primarily on aquifers, underground geologic formations that store water. India’s aquifers have been depleting at approximately 60 cubic meters annually--at that rate, Lake Erie would be reduced to a dust bowl in only two years. Throughout India’s history, infrastructures have been built around the importance and utilization of aquifers and groundwater as the communities’ main water source. As the groundwater level

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