B.P. Agrawal 2018 USF Distinguished Alumnus

For more than three decades, Bhagwati “B.P.” Agrawal, Ph.D., was a leader in the communications revolution, spearheading research and development at Fortune 100 companies including General Dynamics, ITT-Alcatel, GTE/Verizon and Hughes Network Systems before launching his own companies. He received more than 10 patents for telecommunications innovations that today are industry standards. He abruptly left the corporate world behind fifteen years ago to focus on a new mission – helping others. B.P. wanted to make a lasting difference in the world, and he started with a basic human need – water. In many parts of his native India, safe drinking water is increasingly scarce. Some women and girls s

Dr. BP Agrawal

Dr. BP Agrawal founded Sustainable Innovations ( to find sustainable business solutions for social problems. He perfected Aakash Ganga (River from Sky in Hindi), an infrastructure for sustainable water source, with co-investment by beneficiaries and local governments. Aakash Ganga provides safe drinking water and Arogya (Disease Free in Hindi) delivers health care to vulnerable people. These programs have won wide acclaim for social innovations, social enterprises, and systemic sustainability. He was recognized as CNN’s 2015 Top Ten Hero. He is the recipient of the 2012 Purpose Prize award; 2010 Lemelson – Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sustainability award; 2010 Energy

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