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About Aakash Ganga

PHASE I – Feasibility Program Successfully Completed

Aakash Ganga was successfully implemented in six villages in Rajasthan: Raila, Harinagar, Lasedi, Pilani Campus, Indrasar, and Kakreu Kalan.  Funding was provided by the World Bank ($200,000); private individuals in the Indian diaspora ($200,000), Lemelson - Massachusetts Institute of Technology ($100,000), Energy Globe Foundation ($15,000), and the Government of India ($150,000), among others.  The key benchmarks met are summarized below:

  1. House attached reservoirs                   200+ each of 25,000 liter capacity

  2. Shared reservoirs                                   3 each of 400,000 liter capacity

  3. Construction cost/liter of water           $0.032 - $0.07 per liter 

  4. Capital layout                                           $3- $4 per person per year

  5. System Life                                                25+ years

  6. Contribution by local Government       10,000 M2 land per village

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