Positive Deviance in the Indian Perspective

Dr. B.P. Agrawal is the founder of Sustainable Innovations in rural Rajasthan, which has created domestic rainwater harvesting systems by channelizing rooftop rainwater from every house in a community, through gutters and pipes to a network of multi-tier underwater reservoirs. Such simple solutions can easily be implemented in water-scarce areas. It has also developed kiosk-based clinics that aim to treat common ailments and preventable diseases at $0.25 per visit cost. The kiosks are equipped with computerized best medical practices for common ailments. The clinics are operated by trained individuals. It can help people in areas where medical practitioners are rare to find.

Infant mortality rate is high in India due to the fact that very few have access to medical care or very few can avail the expensive treatments. S. R. Daga, formerly a paediatrician at Cama Hospital in Mumbai, has developed a low-cost incubator from polystyrene boxes to prevent hypothermia among babies, which can be used effectively in rural or poor areas, and can help in reducing treatment costs and treating infants.

The biggest problem is, all such ideas or solutions just float around like fairytales for some time and then vanish. These ideas may be considered small, but small ideas also possess big potential for transforming millions. I think even if we are able to build a simple platform through which people all across the country can share problems and possible solutions and ideas, it will be more than helpful. All that we need is build upon this unique property of Jugaad and disseminate ideas originating from it in order to reach the country as a whole.

Ref: http://ice.humanfactors.com/blogs/kiran0913.html

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