BITSian in the Limelight

Dr. B.P. Agarwal ('60 Electrical)

Founder and President, Sustainable Innovations

Ever asked anyone what Water scarcity means to them? Our "Bitsian in the Limelight”, Dr. B.P Agrawal has an interesting measure of water scarcity when it comes to Rajasthan.

"What is the measure of water scarcity?” asks Dr. Agrawal, and then answers the question himself: "The number of bachelors in the village.”When water is scarce, women have to walk long distances to collect it; as a result, families from other villages are reluctant to marry their daughters into such communities. But thanks to Dr Agrawal, things are changing for some communities at least.

Dr.B.P Agrawal is the energy and brain behind ‘Aakash Ganga” (Rain water harvesting project in Rajasthan, a state which receives a bare 45 days of rainfall every year!) This work earned him the highest award of the ceremony, a $100,000 Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability, 2010.

Dr. BP Agrawal graduated from BITS, Pilani in December 1964 and received his M E in Control Systems in 1968. He dreams for BITS to be an eternal fountain of inventors and innovations, solving India’s myriad problems. Well he has truly proven this himself and made the entire BITS family proud over his achievement.

Aqsa from the BITSAA Communications team caught up with Dr.B.P Agrawal at Pilani. Check out the video to see what this luminary has to share with us!

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