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About Aakash Ganga

Social Innovations — Realizing Economic Value

Villages are steeped in cultural traditions and social norms. Often, the traditions are viewed as anchors that tie a society to its past, sap its agility, and impede progress. AG realized the economic value of the traditions through innovations:  

  •  Villages lack sanitation system. Open defecation is common. Contamination of water bodies is a reality. Rather than turning to technology, AG used the local tradition of “Jalawa Puja[1]” to guard water bodies from contamination. Now, the mothers champion protection of the reservoirs. 

  • Communities have strong familial bonds. AG monetizes familial bonds by engraving his mason’s family name on the reservoirs. The recognition lets the grandson exult: “My grandfather built it. I need to take care of the reservoir.” The masons are expected to discount their wages. 

  • Communities respect age. The foundation laying ceremony is led by the eldest and the youngest citizens. This act sends a sublime message: Water bodies are a heritage — being passed from one generation to next. An emotional investment by the communities! 


[1] When a child is born, the mother performs water worship at the local well.

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