​We have interviewed a variety of villagers in Rajasthan who have benefitted from our rainwater harvesting system Aakash Ganga. Look below to see what the recipients of our program have to say about the impact of Aakash Ganga on their daily lives and livelihoods.

Meet Bala

from Village Indrasar, Rajasthan

a happy beneficiary of Aakash Ganga

Meet Narayan

from Village Harinagar, Rajasthan  

explaining the advantages of a home reservoir 

Meet Ganga

from Village Raila, Rajasthan

talking about how a reservoir at home changed her life

Nirmala Devi

“It used to take me 6 hours to fetch water for my family, and now it takes 6 minutes only. My youngest daughter is in college. My mind and heart are at peace.”


-  Nirmala Devi, Lasedi, in conversation with a CNN reporter.

Bhagwati Devi

Bhagwati Devi is the resident of Raila village. When asked how Aakash Ganga benefitted her, she responded, “My cow’s milk doubled because of Aakash Ganga.” 


Kamruddin is the principal of the local school in Kakreu Kalan. The school only had brackish water because the local groundwater had a high percentage of minerals. When day temperatures hovered around 1100 F, which was often, the children skipped classes to go home in the scorching heat for a drink of water.  Since Aakash Ganga built a rainwater reservoir on the school premises, “the children now stay in school through the day and have stopped skipping classes to go home for a drink of water.”

Vimla Devi

Vimla Devi is a resident of Harinagar. The groundwater has receded to a depth of several hundred feet and has a high concentration of nitrates and fluorides (exceeding WHO limits by 10 to 30 times). Because of the minerals, she had perennial inflammation in her joints. When SI visited with her, she thanked Aakash Ganga for “no inflammation in my joints.”

Sumitra Devi

Sumitra Devi has young children and cannot afford to buy “sweet water”. She expressed her appreciation of Aakash Ganga by saying, “My children did not suffer from diarrhea this summer because I had sweet water at my home.”